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FUSION – Human Development & Performance Corp. is NOT Your Typical Gym. We are an appointment only facility which specializes in addressing our client’s individual needs.

Our clients include: Professional & Olympic athletes, weekend warriors, doctors and nurses, white and blue collar workers, housewives, children, the ‘inbetweens’ & our families.

While no one client is more important than the other, they all have 2 things in common:
  • they all want to improve their health & quality of life
  • they are willing to work at it
Our specialized services include - but are not limited to:
  • ADC™ - (athletic development camp) focuses on developing ATHLETES, so it is specific to sports, but it is NOT sport specific. – YES, that’s a good thing!
  • BIOScan™ - (computerized health analysis) the only process that offers individuals the specific information needed to optimize their health and wellness.
  • Body by Design™ - (natural health education) to create the awareness and understanding required to assist individuals in making lifestyle changes to improve their quality of life.
  • Deep Core™ - Foundational Training is a unique and specialized method for restoring muscle balance and proper skeletal movement.
PLUS our industry leading 1on1 personal training

Whether you're looking to:
  • extend your professional career
  • gain that competitive advantage
  • recover from an injury
  • restore natural movement and function
  • or simply get into the best shape of your life
FUSION – HDP is here to assist and guide you to your GOAL!

Ask about our CONCUSSION RECOVERY Program

*This is a serious program including BIOScan™, diet, exercise & stress management