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If this sounds a little too much like Star Trek, understand that the electromagnetic or EM nature of the human body is fact - not science fiction. New insights into the body’s electrical nature are providing the foundation for some very exciting advances in the treatment and prevention of disease.

The PBS series Scientific American Frontiers produced an episode called “Never Say DIE”. Alan Alda of M*A*S*H fame is the shows host and is talking about stem cell transplantation, “The final step is to force the new genes into the old cells with a Frankenstein-like electric shock. And... Bingo! It works. You get new, youthful cells.” (1)
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The human body is truly a “Divine Design”. It has the ability to not only reproduce exact copies of its’ cellular structure it also has the ability to repair damage and clear bio-electric blockages that prevent natural function. The body is unique in that no man made devise or potion has these abilities. To accomplish this function your body uses an incredibly complex process, a true “cellular communications network”, which includes the Nervous System.

If your body’s communications system goes down or the signal is interrupted the “preventative maintenance” schedule for your body is thrown off. Repairs and proper reproduction of your body’s cells and tissues can be delayed or cancelled completely. The primary cause of interruptions to your body’s “Cellular Communications Network” is STRESS.
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Our Health Care System
“Our mission is to help the people of Canada maintain and improve their health.”
- Health Canada

Life Expectancy
Year 1950
Canada - 8th (M=66.4 / F=70.9)
United States - 7th (M=66.0 / F=71.9)
(American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1992; 55(Suppl):1196S)

Year 1990
Canada - 9th (M=74.0 / F=80.7)
United States - 17th (M=72.1 / F=79.0)
(American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1992; 55(Suppl):1196S)

Year 2008
Canada - 14th (M=80.34 / F=83.81)
United States - 45th (M=78.0 / F=81.13)

Male numbers:
Female numbers:
*2008 Overall ranking based on Male life expectancy, female numbers changed outcomes – some up, some down.