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The human body is truly a “Divine Design”. It has the ability to not only reproduce exact copies of its’ cellular structure it also has the ability to repair damage and clear bio-electric blockages that prevent natural function. The body is unique in that no man made devise or potion has these abilities. To accomplish this function your body uses an incredibly complex process, a true “cellular communications network”, which includes the Nervous System.

If your body’s communications system goes down or the signal is interrupted the “preventative maintenance” schedule for your body is thrown off. Repairs and proper reproduction of your body’s cells and tissues can be delayed or cancelled completely. The primary cause of interruptions to your body’s “Cellular Communications Network” is STRESS. What is STRESS? Stress is not an invisible cloud that floats above and then suddenly descends on people when the boss is overbearing or the in-laws arrive unexpectedly. While it is true that these situations do in fact create emotional stress, I’m actually talking about stresses bigger impact on your body.  

Stress can be defined as, “Any factor that threatens the health of the body or has an adverse effect on it’s functioning, such as injury, disease, or worry. The existence of one form of stress tends to diminish resistance to other forms.” (Bantam Medical Dictionary, 1990; 414-415)

The last line in the definition unfortunately means that each new stress has an accumulative (negative) effect upon your body. One stress may just cause an irritation, two stressors may cause an interruption, three may cause a blockage, four may overwhelm the system.

So the more stressors your body has to deal with the “less resistant” your body becomes and natural function declines. As natural function declines your body loses its’ ability to protect and heal itself. Many of the most common health conditions and diseases are actually “the symptoms” of a body that is overwhelmed by multiple stressors.

Utilizing the latest bioelectric technologies FUSION HDP can identify the stress and/or stressors within your system. This analysis provides information and helps identifies products and services for biological stress reduction and mind/body wellness – that is unavailable through any other method.
This process requires that the individual be “hooked up” directly to the biofeedback device via the wrists, ankles and forehead. The specialized software program analyzes the individual’s bioelectric information. This analysis and recommendations are not generalized statements based on population studies - they are SPECIFIC for each individual.

Common stressors include:

Allergens - animals / dairy / grass / pollen / wheat / etc.
Carcinogenic Substances - man made / environmental
Disease (disEase) - aches & pains / digestive problems / fatigue etc.
Emotional Pressure - boss / children / in-laws / spouse
Improper Diet – additives, preservatives / nutritional deficiencies
Irregular Elimination of wastes - too much / too little
Lack of Exercise – metabolic dysfunction / poor circulation / etc.
Trauma - mental / physical / spiritual
Pathogens - bacteria / fungus (yeast) / parasites / viruses etc.

All interfere with your bodies’ ability to take care of or heal itself; therefore all are “STRESSORS”

By identifying and eliminating your specific stressors, your body begins to regain control and natural function improves. The more stressors removed (or neutralized) - the faster natural function improves.

Improve your body’s ability to function and your body’s ability to communicate, heal and reproduce will also improve. The more function improves - the faster health is able to return.

So, what are your stressors and what will help reduce - eliminate or neutralize them?

Are you ready to find out what your body wants you to know?