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Biofeedback is a process that enables an individual to learn how to change physiological activity for the purpose of improving health and performance. Precise instruments rapidly and accurately “feed back” information to the user. The presentation of this information - often in conjunction with changes in thinking, emotions, and behavior - supports desired physiological changes.

The Information Age is an idea that the current era will be defined by our ability to transfer information freely and have instant access to knowledge that was once difficult or impossible to find. The idea is linked to the concept of a Digital Age, which describes the use of computers, Internet, and other emerging technologies that allow us to manipulate information. Digital technologies have opened doors to rapid innovation in all fields, including communication, education, industry, and frontier medicine. Frontier medical technologies, such as biofeedback, are gaining mainstream recognition as scientific paradigms evolve in the Digital Age.

Biofeedback is a well-established form of behavioral medicine that is in the midst of a revolution. The iNDIGO Biofeedback System is a 5th generation EPR (Electro-Physiological Reactivity) biofeedback technology. With its imminent release in early 2011, it will launch classical biofeedback into the modern age of Energetic and Informational Medicine—the use of subtle electromagnetic fields, frequencies, and informational signals that influence metabolic processes and passively re-train our reactions to stressors.

This technology is changing the way we look at the interrelationships between our bodies, minds, environment, and consciousness, and how this affects our health and quality of life.

Jeff Sutton, Owner Medabolic Inc.
Jeff Sutton is a human biologist, biofeedback practitioner, and international speaker on the topics of biofeedback, stress management, and peak performance. In 2007-2008, he introduced EPR biofeedback at the Federal Sports Hospital in Beijing and worked with the Chinese Olympic Team prior to the 2008 Beijing Games. Jeff’s passion is to help people regain lost health and achieve meaningful goals in sports, business, family, and life.

John D. Eberley, Owner Fusion Human Development and Performance
John has been very active in the health and fitness field for more than 25 years. He was nationally ranked in bodybuilding and has been assisting people with their fitness and nutrition goals since the early 80’s. After losing his mother to a three-year battle with cancer, John’s focus shifted from bodybuilding to identifying the lifestyles (diet, supplementation, exercise, stress management) and behaviors that either help or hinder human health and performance.